Friday, February 7, 2020

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Read below - Essay Example Such a status quo does not behove for a peaceful resolution of the issue of Taiwanese sovereignty or the Chinese ‘One China Policy’. Changes that have occurred in China in the last two decades that have the potential to propel it to the forefront in world economics and politics create a platform for China to be more accommodative to a peaceful resolution to the irritants that exist between it and Taiwan. Recent events, like the historic visits of the Head of State of Taiwan to mainland China add to the potential for. It is against this backdrop that the author lays down a possible political solution to the vexing issues of China’s insistence on only one China and the autonomy aspirations of China. The political solution suggested by the author is the â€Å"Greater China Union†, wherein the one China policy of mainland China is accepted on one hand and some of the autonomy aspirations of Taiwan are conceded by China. By worldwide acceptance of the fait accompli of a single state of China, the pride of China remains unaffected, which would find acceptance to the more realistic politicians in Beijing and also derive the benefit of concessions on autonomy aspirations of Taiwan. The author also lays out the status of Taiwan within the â€Å"Greater China Union† concept. The â€Å"Greater China Concept† calls for an asymmetric relationship between that of the federated state (Taiwan) and a greater larger federate power (China). The asymmetry lies in Taiwan maintaining greater internal autonomy and giving up some of its international autonomy in the potential Union of the two federations. The first element in the potential union is the demilitarization of Taiwan under international guarantees on the similar lines of the Finland-Aland model, already a real precedent in existence. The Aland Islands are demilitarized under international guarantees and Finland looks after the foreign affairs of the Aland

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