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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Discussion - Assignment ExampleOur leader initially indicated that he was not in support of the use of Chinese separate.The advocates of Chinese parts also had their own motives and ambitions in the mix. The use of Chinese parts would hold in meant a higher profit margin which would have resulted in their promotions and higher salaries. However, the profits would have proven to be temporary as the consumer satisfaction would have gone down with the passage of time hence resulting in lower sales. Our leader would also have benefited in the form of a promotion if he would have returned good profits to the shareholders. Many group members knew that really well and they attempted to capitalize on the situation by using flattery. There were also roughly members with good conscience that looked for the benefit of the company in the long run. They insisted that we should not use Chinese parts as they were subpar and the number of customer complaints against the product would go up. Howe ver, the other group kept on delivery up the question that Japanese parts would cost us much more so we could have purchased more Chinese spare parts and stored them for later use. They showed a bright picture of praise and accolades to our leader. They exclamatory that the change was necessary, and a timely action was of paramount importance. The discussion almost heated up surrounded by the opposing points of view. Our leader decided to take a break, and make a decision at a later time. The decision was made in the favor of Japanese parts as they were of high quality. He also suggested the purchase of a few amount of Chinese parts in order to husking out how they work. It turned out later that using Chinese parts was a very with child(p)

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Business Processes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business Processes - Essay ExampleThe companys stocks were first traded at NYSE on August 25, 1972 (Wal-Mart, 2012a). Wall-Mart is engaged in the business of operational retail stores of variant formats in variant split of the world. Wal-Mart operates restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, discount stores, hypermarkets, supercenters, apparel stores, warehouse clubs, etc. The products offered in the stores of Wal-Mart includes frozen foods, meat, dairy products, bakery products, vitiate products, beverages, grocery items, electronic goods, household items and so on. At present the business operations of Wal-Mart is divided into trio broad segments. They are a) the Wal-Mart International segment, b) the Wal-Mart US segment, and c) the surface-to-air missiles Club segment. Of these three the US segment is the largest of all. Retail stores of various formats are operated by Wal-Mart in all the 50 states of US. Along with this it also operates its retail operations online throug h with(predicate) walmart.com. The international segment of Wal-Mart has its presence in 26 countries of the world and is also in the business of operating its retail operations in all those countries outside US. ... All these six merchandise units offer different categories of merchandise products through its various types of retail stores located in different parts of US. In the of late published Fortune-500 list Wal-Mart has been ranked second, just behind Exxon Mobil (Wal-Mart, 2012). 1.1 Aims of Wal-Mart Aims of the company digest be understood by analyzing the mission and vision statement of the company. 1.1.1 Mission Statement The company tries to earmark quality products at an EDLP or everyday low price complemented with comprehensive Customer service. The company tries to offer services and product change everyday life of customers. The company has modified mission statement in recent years in order to preserve its significance. In accordance to new mission statement th e company will provide merchandises to customers in 24 *7 manners. The company emphasizes on their talented human resource pool and shell out them as asset for the company. The company also donates thousands of dollars for betterment of unprivileged population of the society. 1.1.2 Vision Statement Even directlys hypercompetitive business environment Wal-Mart follows traditional vision statement established by Sam Walton (1918-1992). Sam Walton taught them to think from customers viewpoint and deliver merchandises complemented with lowest possible prices, superior quality, guaranteed satisfaction, friendly and wise(p) sales service, free parking, convenient shopping hour and great shopping experience. 1.2 Size of Wal-Mart Size of Wal-Mart can be understood by analyzing their distribution Channel. Wal-Mart operates business in retail chain format then size should be analyzed in terms of how many stores they have established in ground forces and other

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Compare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Comp atomic number 18 - Essay ExampleHis motion-picture shows contain diligence, tenderness, expressions of the figures, the beauty of draperies and so on. He port Raffaello intimate from Pietro when he was young was slight, dry and defective in design, and not being able to throw it off, he found it difficult to learn the beauty of nudes, and the regularity of difficult foreshortening of the cartoon of Michelangolo Buonattoty for the H exclusively of the Council at Florence. barely with great effort, he managed to get rid of the Pietros style and reached Michelangolos which was full of difficulties. When Raffaello began to improve his style, he did not do it the way it should be done, but the way he saw his previous headwaiter Pietro do it, with natural grace. He compared the muscles of a dead men with those of the living. Later he realized how easy and fleshy parts should be made, the swelling, lowering and raising a part of the whole body, how the bones are composed, nerves and veins, and he became a master in all the parts, as any great panther should. However, in this area, he could not get close to the perfection of Michelangolo, and he realized that he does not necessary have to paint the nude figures, but that painting has a large field that he can fill out with good invention and order which deserves a great and skilled artist. He realized that he could enrich his works with variety of perspective, landscapes, a delicate and light treatment of the draperies, sometimes causing the figure to get lost in the darkness, and on the opposite hand, sometimes also to enter into the clear light, making the figures more alive and realistic, making beautiful heads of women, children and old people endowing them with, for them, suitable movement. He also thought about how important is the flight of horses in the battle, as well as the courageousness of the soldiers, the knowledge of many kinds of animals, but most of all, the method of making men look mo re life-like when gulp portraits putting them into a relation with other things such as shoes, helmets, hair, beards, trees, caves, rain, clouds, night time, bright sun, fine weather, all kinds of hair styles, and all the other things that are the necessities of todays painting. Realizing that he cannot be better than Michelangolo in some aspects, he did not imitate him, but tried hard to become the best in some other aspects, and in that way surpass Michelangolo. Having made this resolution and admitting that Fra Bartolommeo of S. Marso had a god painting method, solid design and coloring that is pleasant, although sometimes using shadows in a manner that is too discontinue to obtain greater grief, Raffaello borrowed from him what he thought that would be useful for his own art. So he apply a medium style in design and coloring and combined them with some of the best things of other masters. Furthermore, he formed one single style out of many that he borrowed from other painters , and that style was always considered as his own and even highly estimated by other artists. Raffaello learned the Florentine method of a composition in depth with pyramidal figure masses, and also, he made use of da Vincis chiasoscuro(strong contrast between light and dark). Moreover, he was influenced by his sfumato (use of fine, soft shading istead of line to cast forms and features). He went beyond Leonardo in creating new figure types whose gentle faces reveal typically human sentiments that are raised to

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Principles of the Effective Marketing Services in the US Essay

Principles of the strong Marketing Services in the US - Essay ExampleMarketing team aids the centering to identify and fill the gaps in various steps, improve organizational strengths, and work on the weakness to pull off them thereby positioning us to take a real advantage of opportunities and equip Medi-stim with the methods to defend against say-so risks. Effective marketing services will add to Medi-stims success by inducing get around returns for the hospitals, growing the client base, expanding the market share in the Americas and increase the hospital/patient satisfaction grade all of them would turn out to have a positive impact on bottom-line of Medi-stim USAs revenue. In a nutshell, the need is for a brilliant team which can foster new ideas ground on the market condition, steer a constructive debate with the management to facilitate the sale and at last invokes inclusive actions from the management to facilitate all-round growth in market share. The Return on coro nation in $, the network and also goodwill is discussed in this report. Numbers derived in this report are hypothetically forecasted based on q4 2009 results.Medi-stim is a 30 MNOK company which has marked its presence in the field of cardiovascular surgery with its intra-operative quality control equipment. The company has made its presence felt in Europe with divisions in Norway and Germany, in Asia and in the Americas with sales operation headed from Minneapolis. Americas are its second largest market with around 20% of the marrow sales. This paper gives a thought into the need of a marketing team to aid the sales team in the USA. Various reasons supporting the school of thought is put forward with appropriate example. The paper closes with a recommendation to the board of directors of Medi-stim to have a high-quality marketing team and initiate the process for further study.

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Demings Plan-Do-Check-Act Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Demings Plan-Do-Check-Act - Coursework ExampleShe faced many problems for the settlement of her nipper child. Therefore, the idea came to my mind that she and many others like mothers are facing the adverse situation. In this case, a child may be disturbed. Therefore in order to save mothers and children form this adverse condition I planned to open a twenty-four hour period care centre which actually provides the best services to the tribe regarding the care of their children that they feel fully satisfied after leaving their child here in the day care centre.The project of day care centre is done through a formal run even from the building to the hiring of staff. Initially the day care centre faces many problems. There was a microscopic awareness about the day care centre in the public. In some cases, hoi polloi do not rely on the environment and services of a day care centre. In my opinion, the problem was in the merchandising of the project. We did not focus on the promot ion and advertisements regarding day care centre. Some people are even unaware of the day care centre. A newly introduced project needs a high level investment on the marketing schemes. At the end of first year, the project of day care centre was a partial success just because of the lack of advertising promotions. The project could be fully successful if on that point was market analysis before its start.Therefore, in my opinion, a business coach should analyze the whole market in order to check the demand awareness of the project. Initially there should be a high-level investment on the marketing purpose. For these projects, there should be a marketing manager so that they can perform the duties in a regular manner (Lake, 2012). Then the circumspection of the business can take right decisions.The concept of process management groups is very much standardised to Demings plan, do, check and act strategy. This approach is very helpful in the problem just because of the plane sec tion of work

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International Student at MSU and the Problem They Face Essay

International Student at MSU and the Problem They Face - leaven ExampleIn short, the MSU feces help itself in attracting a large number of international pupils years-on if the offered environs is congenial enough for international students that all their important issues lay a patient listening by the authorities at the helm of affairs. International students wanting to study are not accustomed to the bleak way of life waiting them at MSU. A good chunk of their time outwits in update their VISA documentation work completed, leaving no time to do research on the refreshful environment. So a feeling of discomfort circumvents when sudden problems surface, making them confused as to how to overcome the problems, which could be social or psychological or any other cerebrate matter of concern. One much(prenominal) social problem is that of communication with the native students (Jang, 2005). The most important social problem of international students is communication, as it becom es a big hindrance to them. They are not as good in the spoken wee of English as are the natives. As belonging to different cultural backgrounds, they dont get the desired environment and feel aloof like strangers. They cannot express their views on topics of interest comfortably with their American and other international classmates, as they also come from different cultural and social backgrounds. ... orientation courses can be offered to such students to increase not only their English speaking skills but reading and penning skills as well (Jang, 2005). Another most important problem of International students is although academic but it strains them psychologically, as they get psychologically affected to first focus on attempting their majors so that they become eligible for scholarship. They cannot ignore either English learning or their majors, devoting their time equally on both. Time becomes the major hindrance in communicating with others. Miscommunication sometimes adds to their problems, as they cannot speak English as fast as the natives. It promotes unpleasantness among students belonging to various countries and the native students (Jang, 2005). The most important administrative problems are concerned with student ID greenbacks, billing, and salary procedures. Students require keeping two identities, one is passport identity and the other is SMSU student identity card or Mustang ID. Students have to carry their student identity card with them all times. Without showing their identity card, they cannot get access to library and computer labs. Administrative staff can ask them to show their international student identity any time. Further, students need to follow the deadline of depositing fee and other expenses, which are quite crucial from students billet because a shortage of funds can be decisive to the progress of their semester. Students, therefore, need to be invariably on the alert to be disciplined in all academic and administrative matters (SMSU, 2010). One Korean student, named Tim, told that she felt hesitant in asking unrelated questions in the classroom. She was under the impression that only related and selected questions can be asked

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Organizational Behavior Similarities Between Humans and Elephants Essay

Organizational Behavior Similarities Between Humans and Elephants - Essay instanceAmong their unique characteristics are having a long and flexible snout (proboscis), elongated incisor teeth (tusk) and a placenta honorable like humans. They digest opposite distinguishing features which are not very obvious such as glaze over features in their teeth, shoulders and ankles they are one of the very few hoof mammals to have retained five toes ( new(prenominal) mammals have only four or fewer toes). Discussion Elephants exhibit a remarkable high take of intelligence this makes up for their very slow gaits which usually has an adverse effect on groundless animals beca white plague slow animals are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to escaping their predators. Their big size is a big succor in their fight for survival since they have very few enemies in the wild however, there is some other characteristic of elephants which is their complex level of placemental behaviors. I t is this social behavior which has allowed them to outlive other species in the wild as it makes them highly organized in terms of foraging for food, looking for water sources and in rubbish off predators elephants also learn throughout their lifetimes (Haynes 64). Elephants are highly-socialized animals. They live in groups, tend to stay with their relatives, figure of speech into familial and kin groupings similar to human clans, highly gregarious and in general associate with other members of their herd. The social behavior of the elephants is very complex because they live very long lives (ibid.) and elephants are suspected to use the same type of personal individual identification as humans when they communicate with each other. They generally maintain long-term relationships elephant groups are distaff-centered. By using infrasonic (low-frequency) calls, elephants can communicate with all the other group members and identify an elephants individual identity (Breed & Moore 196). The elephants are also very adaptive in their behaviors, with females influencing the males (Wasser 30). Social System of Elephants their social system is hierarchical and matriarchal. It is usually the oldest female elephant that is the recognized leader of the group. The residue of the group members follow their matriarch in search of food and water to areas which are recalled by the matriarchs memory bank. Studies showed that elephant groups without a matriarch are often very tentative in which oversight to go because no one gives the order (Dagg 32). An elephant herd needs a large territory because it has an uneconomical digestive tract, able to digest and absorb only half the food an elephant eats (OConnell 235) and needs a big grazing area. The study of elephant behavior will have a great bearing on efforts to ensure their survival. The herd behavior of elephants exhibit striking similarities to human behavior in the social organization sphere. There is an acknowled ged leader in a group and this is the oldest female elephant (matriarch) but other female members (sisters, aunts, nieces, cousins, etc.) take a collective effort in caring for their young. It is the matriarch, together with the several generations of relatives, who will forgather the group into a close-knit unit that will suddenly take a charge and stampede a perceived threat (AWF 1). Elephants use a variety of ways to communicate such as by sound, smell and stamping the ground (Waal & Tyack 79). Stress Conditions elephants are very similar to human beings in legion(predicate) ways. One